Helping Kids Affected By Sexual Abuse & Trafficking

We provide therapy and family-life safe homes for children that have been rescued from sexual abuse/ trafficking. 
Every Dollar You Give Goes Straight To Providing A Child With #MentalHealth Care.
- Jeweliet, Founder of #WeRescueKids

15th September 2020

Launch Date


Impact Goal


Of Kids Reached. 

How #WRK Helps Children
That Have Been Sexually Abused

#MentalHealth Care Programs

We are providing specialized, licensed mental health care to children that have been sexually abused. To learn more about our Mental Health Care Program please click the button below. 

Family-Like Safe Homes For Long Term Care

We will be opening licensed family-like safe homes for children that have been rescued from sexual abuse or trafficking across America. In 2021 we plan to open our first safe home.

Mission-Driven To Create Better Lives For The Children

Jeweliet grew up in a sex slavery environment. She witnessed all the problems happened throughout her childhood. Therefore, she knows this is an issue that needs to be solved.

#WeRescueKids Long Term Vision

Our long term vision is audacious. We want to fix the way the foster care system works to reduce the high rates of child exploitation by creating a sustainable working model for providing housing, therapy, and true family like homes for children. We believe every child is worth the effort to not only react to abuse... But to actively try to prevent it. 

Give Now To Impact Our Future Leaders

Right now, as you're reading this, a child is having unspeakable things happen to them. Every dollar you donate goes 100% to the rescuing and rehabilitation of a child. 
This is the charity I wish I had when I was being sexually abused by my own grand-dad.
- Perry Power, Co-Founder of #WeRescueKids

What Happens After 
The Donation Goal Is Reached

We believe transparency is the key from a cause. 
Here is exactly how we plan to spend the money we raise. 

#MentalHealth Care

Currently all of our donation money is being used to sponsor children to receive mental health care from a licensed therapist in our network.  

Caring For The Kids

A portion of the money raised is spent on caring for the children and providing then with food, clothing, activities, therapy, etc. 

Rescuing The Children

We have partnered with law enforcement and other NPOs for the rescuing of sexual abused children. A portion of all donations goes to a fund to rescue more kids from abuse. 

And We're All-In To Make A Difference.
Are You Ready?

With Your Help...

We can change the life of children who have been sexually abused across America.

Meet The People Who Have 
Pledged To The Cause

Giving back to the community is the best way we can do, let’s support each other and make it happen!

Frequently Asked Questions


Impact Kids' Lives,
Starts From TODAY

Right now, kids are being exploited and hurt. But we CAN do something about it. With your contribution and a lot of love, we will rescue millions of sexually abused kids & give them the opportunity to flourish and find healing and happiness. 
"Every Dollar You Donate is going to providing children with mental health care for an entire year... A gift that will truly change their life, as it did mine."
- Jeweliet, Founder of #WeRescueKids
"This is the charity I wish I had when I was being sexually abused by my own grand-dad."
- Perry Power, Co-Founder of #WeRescueKids
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